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I'm Sandy! I try to live a simple life with three easy rules: enjoy each day as it comes, stay in gratitude, and be of service to one and all. Join me on my journey! In full anonymity...

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Welcome to The Blazing Recovery Blog

A great place to share experiences and appreciate each moment as you walk through life...
Welcome to the Blazing through Recovery Blog. My name is Sandy Blazis [hence the moniker Blazing Through Recovery] and I have been in recovery since 1981.

Why the Wolf?


The wolf is my spirit animal and guide. For me, he represents courage in the face of fear, willingness to change, ability to adapt, and strength to meet the challenges of life gracefully.

This is Your site!

Blogging helps me to give recovery a voice in today's world. More than that, it is a vehicle for us to exchange ideas, share stories, and give us a support network that is so critical to recovery. This blog belongs to everyone in recovery. It doesn't matter if you are in an anonymous program or contemplating a program of recovery. Feel free to express your thoughts in a mindful and respectful way.

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